Fire Lady


I started firedance 1999. After that flame hasn´t faded away-instead fire and passion for firedance still burns strong!!

I started juggling in Berlin 1987 and I´ve danced all different kind of styles... that´s good background also for firedance!!

As I saw first time firespinning at Finlandia-houses backyard 1999 ,  it was love at first sight!! I was lucky to move to community with firespinners already that same spring- so I got good teachers around me  :)

I joined firegroup Flamma   2003 and I´m still working there as  performer and costumer.

 I got involved to UniFlow  showgroup 2011.

Fireshows as Fire Lady since 2013

I have over  20 years performing career with fire and more than 1000  diffent gigs in all possible situations! That guarantees for audience pleasant experience. Versatility with fire equipments: rope dart, staffs, dragonstaff, poi, hoop, clubs, jumping rope and fans , makes it possible to customize shows in very wide variations. I also design and custome my own showclothing so all new ideas are also wellcome!

Performing career:

Gigs since 1999

with Flamma since 2003 -for example:

-2005 London  International Workshop festival-workshops and fireshow

-5 years long firetheatre project with 60 shows, working as performer,koreografer  and costumer

-hudreds of different fireshows in private- and companypartys

Gigs with UniFlow since 2011-for example:

International Show Jumping   2014, Treffen/Austria
Helsinki  International UB Horse Show 2013, Finland
Finnish Sports Gala 2013, Finland
European Youth Capital 2012, Braga, Portugal
Ferrari Club Finland 2012
Talent Finland Finals 2011
USB bank F1 privateparty 2011, Abu Dhabi, UAE
V.I.P weddings 2011, Israel

European Juggling Convention 2011, Germany


Talent Finland 2011 finals , with Duo Flow 

Suomen Urheilugaala , with UniFlow

Voitolla Yöhön Fire Lady solo

Uusi Päivä with Flaming Family

Suomi Love with Tulipimut

2020 Talent Finland semifinals

Another passion since 2011  is poledance!! Since 2013  I`ve been  poledance teacher at  Studio Move Tampere.

As poledancer I´ve perfomed in malls, private partys, Tampere-talo and television.

Poledance competitions:


Finnish nationals , silver

Qualification for World Pole Sport Championship, Hungary, gold

World pole sport campionships , London /UK  5.  (IPSF)

Nordic Championships , silver

World championship polesport , Firenze / Italy , silver  (IPSAF)


Finnish nationals qualification, gold (IPSAF)

Finnish nationals qualification judge , Helsinki (IPSAF)

 Finnish nationals (POSA) gold

 Judge, Ideapark

 World Pole Weekend, Artistic Pole, 6.  (IPSF)

Nordic Open Pole Championships 2017 - gold  (POSA)


 Finnish Nationals, gold (IPSF)

 Finnish nationals, gold (POSA)

World Championships, bronze (POSA, Florida)


Finnish Nationals - Gold

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